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JOINED: June 2015 LOCATION: Newhaven, UK WEBSITE: https://soundcloud.com/scott111 INFLUENCES: The Doors, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode BIO:

Hello my name is Scott,

I am a singer/songwriter/producer. I love making music, and producing. The tunes on my sound cloud link were made at home. It is amazing what you can do with computers these days. I love all types of music, and have made many songs in different genres. I like also do ambient instrumentals, and have had some of my film scores in independent films. I want to make music which has a unique spin on it, and looks towards the future using brand new technology.

I have been writing songs for about 15 years, As computers became better I focused on my passion and taught myself how to produce. Lately I have been merging genres influenced by the film theory of post modernism. The results have been very interesting. I also like to explore finger picking/ alternative tuning, and merge this with electronic synth bleeps and blips.

Still enjoy writing a good pop song though. Open to producing/remixing/ and publishing deal.Currently I'm working on a remix of leftovers by paper bag records.

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