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Sixty Days To Live


Alternative Rock

JOINED: February 2015 LOCATION: London, UK WEBSITE: http://www.facebook.com/sixtydaystolive INFLUENCES: Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Queen, Pearl Jam BIO:

Sixty Days To Live are a London 4-piece rock band playing rock with soaring vocals, big guitars and a bittersweet edge. Influences include Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pearl Jam, QOTSA, Muse and Foo Fighters.




Sixty Days To Live were founded in August 2012 and our first gig was at the Dublin Castle in Camden on Fri 5 Oct 2012, playing to a packed house.

We recorded our first 3 song EP at Rogue Studios, London in April 2014: www.soundcloud.com/sixtydaystolive

Sixty Days To Live are the reincarnation of King Rat (with new singer Charlie), of whom the NME said:

"When they take the Muse template down a dark, dance-rock alley they sound truly menacing." (NME)

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