The Baby Rapper

Artist · Joined Dec 2015

Drum and BassExperimentalFunkHiphopTrance

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LOCATION: Vancouver, Washington, USAWEBSITE: http://chyamonshaman.wix.com/hiphop-artistBIO:

The Baby Rapper has been born and is taking off! Choking on his own spit as he runs wild with words, verbs and he don't f*** with cheese curds! RAPS are 100% vegan, GMO FREE, with no artificial sweeteners or additives... Ground FRESH out the mind of this newborn rap fiend. 200% original from the fresh new style Cloudtrance Hip-Hop beats to the Cloud Rap lyrical mindset.. It's time to taste the Hippies.

+Add some HipHop

-minus the bullshit

xMultiply the soul

-forget all the bullshit

=Let's vibe with that!

-f*** all the bullshit