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The Jimmy Bone's Experience

Artist · Joined Oct 2016


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LOCATION: San Diego, California, USAWEBSITE: http://www.thejimmybonesexperience.comINFLUENCES: Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Rush, Joe Satriani, Joe Bonamassa, Eisbrecher, Faith No MoreBIO:

The Jimmy Bone's Experience is an idea, that was always under development. Awaiting to reach the masses through a sonic musical expression, that only the soul can understand. Sharing the experience of love, sex and violence, the experience will set you free with elements of Metal, Rock and Blues.

During his formative years of music in New York City. In 1996, Jimmy Bone at the age of 16 years old was learning bass. Studying the styles of Jeff Ament, Cliff Burton, Flea, Geezer Butler, Steve Harris and Geddy Lee, he developed a bass style uniquely his own. Soon he and some of his high school buddies formed their first band metal Lysistrata but after playing a few shows, the project fell apart. Jimmy went on to join the Bronx, New York based band Law Byting Citizenz, which fused Metal, Punk, and Hardcore with Latin grooves. While performing intensively with LBC in the New York City Club Scene, Jimmy gained tons of stage experience playing in legendary Clubs such as CBGB's, L'amours and Sin-E. However, the good times was slowly coming to an end in 2004 when LBC went on a hiatus due to undisclosed reasons. Not wanting to stop, Jimmy went on to perform full time with a Metalcore call Desolate, a band Jimmy played with on and off when LBC took breaks performing. Soon after joined Latin Rock, Xavier. But in 2007 Jimmy left both bands due to indifference. And Xavier broke up because of it and Desolate erased Jimmy from the band's musical history as he never exist in the band. After taking a break for a couple of years, Jimmy went on to produce and record bass with Queens Punk band The Psycho Babble Rejects for a year before getting bored of it.

Jimmy went onto write, record, master his own music and spent numbers of years working on it. The debut album "Allow Me To Introduce Myself" is released September 30, 2016 in selected markets and be available worldwide October 14, 2016. With his new bandmates: Bryan & Joe, they all look forward to Share The Experience with you.