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Tommy Grimes III


Americana Blues Country Rock Singer-Songwriter

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    The Amber Dream


    One of those nights, alone in the bar. Vocals by David Cagle.

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    The Passing of Years


    Don't get ground up in the gears, of the passing of years! Vocals by David Cagle.

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    Pedal To The Metal


    My foot's on the floor now! Vocals by David Cagle

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    Black Widow


    Black widow likes to hide down low, Black widow likes to hide down low, If you reach down to that level I swear you'll meet the devil, Black widow likes to hide down low. You'll find one everywhere you go, You'll find one everywhere you go, In your bed and on the backseat, in the bars and walking t

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    Different This Time


    This song came from being appalled at how people judge others who find themselves trapped in abusive relationships, when there can be hundreds of reasons that make it hard to break free. It should be a woman singing, but use your imagination! LYRICS: Sitting crying by the road side Waiting for my f

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    The next in the rough n ready, just getting the songs out there! No better way to end the year as you mean to start the next one. I am just a footsoldier, no general no king, And when I fall in battle, there'll be no songs to sing, No ballads of my bravery, no tales of my great deeds, I turned up,

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    Pass Away


    I remember the time in that restaurant When I went down on one knee You said yes, and everybody smiled I wish someone had said to me That time, you know, will pass quickly So hold her hand and love her deeply Kiss her softly every morning And hold her close when night comes callin Because one day..

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    Too Many Verses


    Another in the rough n ready series You close your eyes, Monday lies in wait Another week with all its traps, for you to navigate Friday can't come soon enough CHORUS Life is too many verses, and not enough chorus, Sing if you know this Life is too many work days, those Mondays to Fridays, Sell '

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