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Hiphop R&B

JOINED: December 2016 LOCATION: Bennettsville, SC, USA WEBSITE: http://urrrecords.com BIO:

URR Records is one the leading Indie Labels in the Southeastern region of the United States . Established in 2004 in the South Carolina by Aaron York . The label has nationwide distirbution partnership with Crazy n Sane / MDI and an established street team. The label has presented artist to 100,000's of fan over the years with over 150 shows and over 15,000 mixtapes moved. The most successful artist on the Label is PoBlakk of Da GreezyBoyz who is set to release his nationwide album "WORK" campaign Summer 2012 . The label enjoys affiliation with Zaytoven Beats, Keith Murray , Tupac OutLawz , Dj UNK , Dj Unique & a host of indie powerhouses . The label is looking to expand in artist roster & production team ..

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