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Hiphop Jazz Other Singer-Songwriter Soul

JOINED: June 2015 LOCATION: Mesa, Arizona, USA BIO:

ZP is an 18 year old HipHop artist born and raised out of Mesa, Arizona. Rapping in cyphers with friends at the early age of 13 has given ZP a great start in his career. As a child coming from poverty HipHop is what spoke to ZP the most & inspired him to do the same for kids coming from similar backgrounds. ZP decided to pick up a microphone at the age of 15 not knowing just a few years later he would be performing in all different cities throughout Arizona including Yuma, Phoenix, Mesa & Tucson. Now ZP has many things planned for the future & considering the fact ZP has still never put out a full project he promises a mixtape in the near future. Be sure to follow ZP on his way to success throughout his journey as a musician & as a person.

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