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Hiphop House Indie R&B Spoken Word

JOINED: November 2017 LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland, USA WEBSITE: http://www.BUSS-Radio.com BIO:

Owner of B.U.S.S. Radio: Bringing Underground Sounds to the Surface...

Fully licensed Internet radio station dedicated to promoting indie artists. Royalties paid through Stream Licensing (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange). We spin your tracks along with today's top commercial artists.

Do you want your tracks playing on the radio? Accessible radio that can be listened to from any device in any place you have an Internet connection? Do you want to get your records played without a lot of red tape? Would you like to work with a radio station and DJs who welcome unsigned, independent artists who are unknown as of yet? Hit us up and we'll get your tracks spinning in our rotation without any hassle or flame rimmed hoops to jump through.

Dedicated to bringing the sounds of independent artists out of the underground and to the surface where more people can enjoy their music...

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