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Calima Tribal Dancer

Calima Tribal Dancer

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more Infos, Tracks & Dates: www.gordon-raddei.de Label: www.frequenz-wechsel.de

more Infos, Tracks & Dates: www.gordon-raddei.de Label: www.frequenz-wechsel.de

Performed By - Prue. Written By - @nashmatthewz

#Closure (2:32)

By: Nash

performed by - Prue Written by - @nashmatthewz

No sleep, n-n-no sleep, nuh nuh no, n-n-no sleep x2 1 is coo 2 is aight Next thing you know it's 3 4 5 6 starts creepin then it's back to the grind I'm telling ya'll man time fucks wicha mind It's gonna be a steady hustle when ya heads in the sky As for me, i'ma sleep when I die Nas said sleep is

Es un sonido nuevo, impactante y contundente; las influencias van desde Kassav hasta música Andina Colombiana, pasando por Africa, El Caribe y Colombia. Es una bomba Caribeña, para bailar y disfrutar toda la noche! It´s something new with stunning impact, the influences go from Kassav to music fro

Monaco (4:56)

By: Kitty

Hi. This is my new song "Monaco"

? Lonely Lolita ? Lyrics: You took a plane from Arizona Left your girl behind You didn't love her, she wished you did Too much trouble on that mind You always had that freedom I was only doing as I was told I wasn't foolish, maybe graceless Didn't have a clue what I was doing Young and tasteless