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Mick McGarr

Mick McGarr

Producer · Joined Apr 2019


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We are a music production service designed for the needs of songwriters, composers and musicians. From just a simple demo we can transform your song into an industry quality production using custom arrangements and recordings. Your track will consist of guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and any orch

The Ground Band Songwriter 'Quiet Town' album Dublin based The Ground Band asked us to supply backing tracks for their new album 'Quiet Town'. Specifying a guitar, bass and drums live band sound, they sent us basic mp3 files of the songs via email. After using session singer for the lead and harm

Louise Barron Singer-Songwriter 'Rainbows In My Mind' EP Belfast born singer-songwriter Louise Barron had been planning to put together a six track EP for some time, but found it hard to make any progress. After giving us a call, she emailed her acoustic guitar and vocal demos so we could start w

Dougie Rice Singer-Songwriter 'Holidays' album Dougie Rice is a solo artist whose musical interest is as varied as the songs on the album, with many influences spread over three decades of contemporary music. Artists such as Ry Cooder, John Martyn, Edwin Collins, Paul Simon and Donald Fagen have

David William Singer-Songwriter 'One Way Ticket' album Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, David William was a relative latecomer to music, picking up a guitar for the first time when he was 18 years old. Inspired to do so by the Britpop scene of the time, he became obsessed with music new and old