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DJ Abouzar


House Techno Trance

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    Uplifting Sensation 001


    The Track List of Uplifting Sensation 001: 1. Protoculture “Silver” (Original Mix) 2. Dan Thompson “Imprint” (Extended Mix) 3. Exolight “Black Butterflies” (Original Mix) 4. Frank Waanders “Giddiness” (Extended Mix) 5. Suncatcher & Exolight “Dreamer” (Original Mix) 6. Max Braiman “Surrender” (Extend

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    Uplifting Sensation 002


    The Track List of Uplifting Sensation 002: 1. Ross Anderson “Redemption” (Original Mix) 2. Dima Krasnik “Corsair” (Den Rize presents Blur8 Remix) 3. Lucien & A.R.D.I “Near Darkness” (Extended Mix) 4. Akesson “Perfect Blue”(Original Mix) 5. Ben Gold & Omnia “The Gateway” (Allen Watts Extended Rem

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    Uplifting Sensation 003


    The Track List of Uplifting Sensation 003: 1. Mike Koglin vs. Genix “Helion” (Original Mix) 2. Ben Gold “Pilot” (Extended Mix) 3. Temple one “Ocean paradise” (Extended Mix) 4. Daniel Kandi & Philip Alpha “If It Ain’t Broke (Original Mix) 5. Delta IV “In Your Eyes” (Original Mix) 6. Temple one “Fe

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