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Something Karmatic, the title track off my debut 1999 album with the same name. Very melodic and smooooooth. Enjoy folks!

Dreams Arise And Wake is an instrumental track that is fit for a movie soundtrack! Think of melodic 80s blues meets 90s ballad. Off my new album "Radial Jam" do out soon

This Time (4:57)

"This Time" new instrumental track from my upcoming album Radial Jam

Very laid back, the reason why I do this :)

Music and Lyrics: John Floy Vocals: Julie Robertson Guitars/Bass/Keyboards: John Floy Lyrics: I can tell you still don’t need me I’m walking in dreams but still awake I feel so much older now But I can see in your eyes, everyday, when I rise awake Just to see your face And it breaks my heart

My cover of the Price classic "Purple Rain" with Julie Robertson. John Floy - Lead Guitar, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards Julie Robertson - Vocals

Radial Jam (1:28)

Radial Jam is the title track off a new album I am working for 2019, went in and remastered several parts to make it stand out more.