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This song is about living for the night, I thought about what lives for the night and thought hey vampires, so there is a church bell, choir and hearts pumping, but as I a musician the night is my most creative time, it is when musicians generally perform. This is one of my favourite songs and I lov

This song is dedicated to my dad who died in 2017, but the song is for everyone who has ever lost someone they love. Growing up is difficult and it is not until we mature that we realise our arrogance and our selfishness towards the people who love us. I created a video which is on YouTube https://w

This is my Christmas song, inspired by my time in Australia and in London. Christmas for me is a time for family, but not everyone can enjoy it. This song is dedicated to those who are alone at Christmas. This songwas used in 2018 used by the Austin Cohen Global Foundation in their video to promote