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Keef & the Weed

Artist · Joined Sept 2015

ExperimentalFunkR&BSpoken Word

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Final Jam for Weed Gone Wild. It was a good summer, as we look forward to the next adventure!!

Funk can turn nothing into sumthing, the Weed 's Gone Wild!!!

Another Summertime Jam Band Slam! Twerk dat Sucker 2 Death!

WEED (3:47)

Super funky Collab..Put it in your earhole!

A collaboration of contrasting funky styles, dat explode together with harmony and most of all, The FUNK

Chapter 12..The Redemption..grass is greener on the other side!

Funky House Jam about Full Moons, extreme heat, & Free Love

``YEAH`` (5:21)

A little Hip hop, to call attention to our current state of affairs, in society!