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Country Folk Pop Reggae Singer-Songwriter

JOINED: February 2015 LOCATION: Southbourne, UK WEBSITE: http://www.mavisellenjackson.co.uk BIO:

I am living in sunny Southbourne in Dorset UK. To my surprise I have learned and gradually accepted others' opinions that I can write lyrics and compose melodies.

I now publish my songs on a website for musicians/artists http://www.fandalism.com/annticipation where you can listen to 90 of my songs for free. Over 400,000 people, mostly musicians, songwriters and vocalists have listened to my songs and I have received worldwide feedback. As a result I am starting to believe that I am a songwriter. I do not sing, only badly, do not read music or play an instrument but I write, make up melodies and love working with others who produce and record my songs.

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