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Tree Colors


Classical Electronic Pop Rock World

JOINED: April 2016 LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland BIO:

Tree Colors is a one man music project based in Galway Ireland and as Tree Colors, has recorded and mastered the album ‘Fishing for Hooks’ over the last couple of years, focusing on an adult contemporary, instrumental sound.

The album features a variety of influences from rock and pop to classical and has a distinctive keyboard-based sound.

The 15 instrumental tracks conjure up dramatic, cinematic images and bring the listener through a wide range of emotions.

This adult contemporary album should appeal to people who like dramatic, melodic soundscapes, built around catchy hook lines and swirling synthesizer sounds.

Moore, as Tree Colors, has been working on some of the tracks since 2010. His focus on an adult contemporary, easy-listening sound may come as quite a surprise to those who know Moore from his days with guitar band The Little Fish, who were prominent on the Irish rock scene in the early 1990s.

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