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Tree Colors

Tree Colors

Artist · Joined Apr 2016


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Jetstream (2:23)

Jetstream is an upbeat instrumental with mood changing twists and catchy hooks.

Dramatic atmospheric instrumental with melodic electronic and orchestral hooks.

A slightly revised version of this loud and proud dramatic track which captivates from the start and sets the tone for an uplifting electronic adventure.

Another piece with cinematic qualities, this pulsating number builds up to a dramatic crescendo.

Gathering (2:38)

Bombastic and dramatic instrumental with catchy melodic hooks. Take yourself on a trip to the kind of dramatic soundtrack which could provide the backdrop to an adventure movie.

Hypnotic, but understated, captivating keyboards provide the soundtrack to the first downbeat track on the album.

Reunite (3:08)

Another cheerful rocking tune, built around swirling synthesizers and twin guitar harmonies.

Rise (3:14)

Rise is the perfect instrumental back drop to a cinematic emotional scene. Full of melody and catchy hooks, with its twists and turns bringing the listener along on very satisfying emotional journey.