Novel Hooly The Goat

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LOCATION: New York City, New York, USAWEBSITE: http://hoolyville.com/INFLUENCES: A$AP Rocky, A$AP FergBIO:

Novel Hooly the Goat aka NHTG https://soundcloud.com/hooly-corp

Catchy, relatable, and original, Novel Hooly the Goat (NHTG) is an artist with a distinct style. A style pegged by the adaptive rapper as “Hooligan”. While he hails as a native from Harlem, where an already established sound exists, Hooly is paving a way with his own unique delivery that is true to him. His new release video, “LitBoi”, boasts smooth transitions from his various cadence switches that creates a dynamic flow to the song. “Litboi” showcases a lifestyle where it emphasizes a live your life and stay true to yourself mentality in a way that’s relatable to a variety of audiences. With the debut of this video, we can be sure that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of NHTG.