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Novel Hooly The Goat


Hiphop Other Pop R&B Singer-Songwriter

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    LitBoi X NHTG Prod By Penacho


    Official Litboi video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMEr9-hWDUU"LitBoi"- Intro -On my shitBoiI will never switch boidont trip boigot it on my hipboiballin out like richboisauceywatch my dripboislidin in my whipboioutkast in that bigboix2I been on my shitboiI been on my shitb

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    Kids - Novel Hooly The Goat


    " kids " liven in the hood man everything bad 12 lockin niggas up off of dime bags nother nigga hit wrong hood wrong rag even chicks hittin liqs choppers in them handbags young ass kids high smokin that gas lil girls in them strip clubs shaken that ass liven too fast young ass kids - verse 1 - yo

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    Trust - Novel Hooly The Goat Prod B


    "Trust" yeah hooly back on his shit no vacay shawty dont trip no joke no skit fuck around and play wit the kid imma remind them niccas how the 45 spit im the kid come gun ya down like john wick im the that kid move the gift in the box saint nick im that kid up now airtime like high kick tell yo bo

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    CHOPPA! (Prod. CaptainJackTTF)


    -hook- Choppa at ya head Choppa at ya head ch choppa at ya head boy (ch ch choppa) Choppa at ya head Choppa at ya head ch choppa at ya head boy (ch ch choppa) (ayyyyy) choppa at ya head dont say a word just give up the bread (ch ch choppa) only take one move and ya dead (ch ch choppa) (ch chop

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    OG - NHTG X RobLo X HoolyCal


    OG -NHTG VERSE- asian orangutan wit that buddah smokin that OG hooly Apache tribe we uprising chiefing like Cochise so please show respect to young hooly milking that goat cheese 1, 2 step then its over Manu Ginobili on god loyal to the squad xanax wit them bars pablo escobar whippin hard make

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    Still Love Me - Novel Hooly The Goa


    " Still love me" -intro- whoaa oh ohhh ohh oh ohhhhh will they still love me? (no) will they still love me? (no) will they still love me? (no) will they still love me? (no) - Verse - will they still love me? broke asf wit no money riden round here slummin hooly my young buddy east side wher

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    Godfather - NHTG x (Open verse for


    " Godfather " - Intro - eazy e jerry heller my hoolies be ruthless keep bussin ya roof lil dawg gettin nuetered im my own shooter dont need a recruiter these niggas padussy talk shit from computers advising the youthers i feel like the super no taken advantage cant rock wit a moocher no tr

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